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We offer top of the line Open Innovation programs and Technology Scouting services.

Open innovation is now recognized as a critical tool for accelerating growth, and the rapid pace of change in emerging technology markets heightens the importance of scouting for and incorporating technologies from the innovation ecosystem.


Companies need to identify growth opportunities in order to survive and thrive. Long-term planning and future technology roadmaps are important, but in a competitive environment and challenging economy, executives responsible for innovation increasingly need to also be able to deliver growth today in order to justify their investments.

New technologies are constantly emerging to potentially serve a range of industries. Scout the universe of technology developers, from start-ups to multinationals, for the most promising solutions that meet your needs.

  • We introduce technology providers to uncover the highest potential partners

  • We navigate our existing relationships within the innovation ecosystem for leverage

  • We connect with key executives at potential innovation partners across the value chain

Contact us today and form an innovation acceleration program that suits your goals

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