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Scout Innovation Ltd. is a boutique innovation agency with creative entrepreneurial spirit and highly personalized and friendly attitude to our clients.


We connect CEO's and CIO's, investors, corporates and governments, business leaders and fellow innovation consultants, to leading Israeli entrepreneurs and technologies, in order to solve technological and market, real world challenges.


We listen to our clients' most pressing challenges and share our connections, experience and most disruptive ideas with them.


Our close and intimate relations with a wide span of tech and innovation individuals, companies, scientists and innovation networks, enable us to directly connect our clients with the best innovative brilliant minds in Israel and around the world.


We boost Israeli startups with our global network of partners, and our team stays on the forefront of global innovation events, successful Open-Innovation programs, disruptive emerging technologies, trends and breakthroughs.


We design and lead one-on-one intensive engagements, meetups and site visits to startups, labs, investors, tech transfer offices, angel investors, maker spaces, hackathons and vibrant garage accelerators.


So come check with us how tailor-made Israeli "Chutzpah" can effectively tackle your challenges and ensure the success of the next innovative move you are leading.


Simply drop us a few lines and let's take it from there...

We Serve Clients:

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